Aug 27, 2022 • 1HR 15M

28. Culture, Plurality, Faith, Will (w/ Jonathan Rowson)

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Brendan Graham Dempsey
Brendan Graham Dempsey interviews leading thinkers in the metamodernism, integral, syntheist, GameB, and other communities about topics related to meaning-making and spirituality in today's world.
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Jonathan Rowson of Perspectiva joins Brendan for a conversation about the nature of spirituality in the contemporary public square, the boundaries of the social imaginary, the thirst for spiritual conversation and community in a secular world, religion and epistemic justification, the religious impulse of submission vs. the modern ego, what taking the meta view on a multi-perspectival religious landscape might mean, the divine contribution of the individual/individuating will, and much else.

0:00 Introduction

2:04 Exploring (the Absence of) Spirituality in Public Space Today

9:47 Defining Spirituality

14:22 The Elephant in the Room

20:24 A More Justified Worldview? Modernity vs. Traditional Religion

31:26 Truth and Value in the Public Domain

36:02 Transrational Submission or Individuation?

44:50 Both Both/And and Either/Or: Religion, Committment, and Multi-Perspectival Awareness

53:32 Mystery, Reality, Plurality, and Transcendence

57:35 Pluralism, Committment, and the Creative Will of the Metamodern Self

1:08:43 Metamodernity as Spirituality

1:14:38 Closing Remarks