Jun 20, 2022 • 1HR 19M

27. Advancing the Stage Theory Debate (w/ Daniel Görtz & Nora Bateson)

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Brendan Graham Dempsey
Brendan Graham Dempsey interviews leading thinkers in the metamodernism, integral, syntheist, GameB, and other communities about topics related to meaning-making and spirituality in today's world. www.BrendanGrahamDempsey.com
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In their first-ever conversation on the topic together, Daniel Görtz and Nora Bateson join Brendan to talk about stage theory. Since Nora's social media post declaring developmental stage theories "BS" and "colonial as hell," the value and legitimacy of stage models has been a fervent topic of debate within the liminal web. In this conversation, Daniel and Nora are given space to more completely express their opinions on the topic before engaging with one another directly in discussion/debate in an attempt to gain a deeper appreciation and integration of one another's views. 

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2:57 Daniel's Opening Remarks

17:42 Nora's Opening Remarks

35:27 Discussion

1:17:59 Parting Remarks